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What did the internet learn this year. 2017-Year in review

The year 2017 is almost gone now, lets review what the internet learned to do this year, with our Top 10 “How to” Google searches of 2017,  year in review. We’ve all asked google “How to……….”. Its one of the most common google search prefix. No matter how smart or all-knowing we are, we need a tutorial ever now and then. So what has he world been trying to learn this year.

10) How to lose belly fat fast

At number 10, it’s weight-loss techniques. This is the most scary search in the list; when you’re searching how to clean your laptop or how to boost your smartphone, you’re chilling. But when you’ve open an incognito tab and you ask Google how to get skinny, you’ve probably made some bad decisions in recent past. And when the whole world is searching “How to lose belly fat fast”, something is up with our society.


9) How to screen record

Alright, this is fine, it’s a very understandable search term. People need to record their screens and since IOS 11 announced a built-in option to do that, people wanna know how to record their screens. If you don’t know how to do that or wanna know if your device supports us, we’ll see to it for you.


8) How to play Powerball

This is troubling, people have been searching the internet for ways to waste their money. This is very troubling.

7) How to freeze your credit

This is actually sad. In August-September, there was a breach at Equifax, where a lot of people lost their money. When people realized what’s happening, everyone when straight to google and looked for damage control.


6) How to watch the solar eclipse

Now in August when half of the population was looking for saving their hard earned cash in Equifax Breach, the other half was chilling and watching the solar eclipse.


5) How to make a fidget spinner

Thank God the world is getting over the annoying little spinners. But in Mid-2017 everyone was getting one, and apparently trying to make one too. Well it looks like the company I bought one from, learned how to make spinners using google too.


4) How to watch Mayweather vs McGregor

Spoiler Alert: Mayweather Won, McGregor lost by Technical Knockout in 10th round. You may also be interested in knowing that Mayweather announced his retirement after this fight and McGregor said he’s thinking about going back to UFC.


3) How to buy Bitcoin

We wont bore you by telling you what Bitcoins are and blah blah, we’ll tell you that we knew bitcoin is a bubble and it was gonna pop. If you have any left, sell at least half of them right away, get your cash while you can. Also, weirdly enough, most searched on How to buy Bitcoin came from Ghana.


2) How to make solar eclipse glasses

Yea, we get it US, you guys wanna see this Eclipse. Now move on.


1) How to make slime

Okay, we officially need an intervention form our brothers in outer space. The most searched tutorial in the whole year of 2017 was on SLIME?? The only demographic who can search How to make slime is 12 year old school girls. There is no other age group appropriate for this search query. If you’re a grown man and you’re searching the internet for slime at 2 in the morning, get a life man. GET A LIFE.

If you searched the internet for something that you didn’t find the solution for, let us help.

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