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7 Simple Tricks to Multiply Your Phone Performance

There’s nothing more frustrating than your phone slowing down when you’re trying to get a job done. If you’re not the average calm and controlled fella you may end up smashing it against the wall if it hangs in the middle of something important. If it really is that bad you should probably Factory reset your phone. It will bring back the speed and agility of a new phone.

But you’ll also end up losing a lot of your valuable data. Even if you back up your data before resetting it, you’ll either lose some data or your phone might get just as slow as it was before, if you back everything up just like that. To make sure that you have phone doesn’t slow down without resorting to Factor Reset. Here are a few tips to help you.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Yes we know you loved all those apps when you downloaded them but come on, you haven’t used them since. The first thing you’ll have to do is to get rid of all those unnecessary apps you never use. They take up a lot of space and valuable virtual memory.


Update Your OS

This is a controversial step. People complain that their phone slows down after the update, so if your phone meets the minimum requirement for an update you may want to avoid it. But if your phone’s specs are way above the update’s requirements you should definitely go for it.

Turn Off the Animations

This may surprise some of you but YES! There is an option to turn of the animations on your UI. The Pop up menus, the Home Page and every transition you see, can be turned off. This animation takes up some of your RAM. You can free all that by just turning it off in your display settings. There are a lot of tutorials on the web on how to turn them off for all types of smart phones.

Free Up Space

“It sure Does”. If you’re wondering if low disk space will affect your phones performance the answer is Yes It sure Does. Your phone works with apps by creating cache which it stores as the apps’ data. If you’re running low on disk space and new cache is difficult to store you’re phone will slow down. So delete anything you don’t really want immediately before you have to RESET and delete everything.


Clear Cache

This is very important and it will not harm your apps. You can delete the cache of any app without any serious consequences. The cache will build up again automatically. And it will increase your phone’s performance.



Kill Apps

This is not about uninstalling apps but about shutting them down. A lot of your RAM is eaten up by the background apps that you don’t even know are running. You can kill most of them by restarting you phone. It will kill all background apps and increase your performance by large factor. Some apps however auto start when your phone is switched on or they never completely shut down. For that reason you need a Task Killer. There are a lot of good Task killers on the Play store.


Avoid Fancy Looks

Live Wallpapers and heavy widgets take up a lot of memory and make your phone slow. They don’t really make your phone look all that nice anyway. A simple wallpaper with only a few necessary widget gives your phone an elegant look and a performance boost.


If you start on these tips right away you’ll notice a difference very fast. Or you can reset your device and try implementing these from start which will exponentially increase phone’s performance and you’ll never have to worry about a slow phone

If you’re still not sure about the best line of action. Maybe get some professional help.

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