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Best Mobile Security Apps for Businesses

Why do we need Mobile Security apps. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are everywhere. People spend thousands of hours a year on their devices looking up interesting things, managing their bank accounts, staying fit, and more often than all visiting Social media Platforms. But another aspect of these mobile devices’ use is BYOD or Bring Your Own Device in small or medium sized Businesses. Employees are spending most of their time on these devices Online. Obviously they are Online when they’re using a Web Browser but that’s not it, they are also online when they’re talking to their Phone Assistant, dealing with a client using any app or even using your Office’s software.

Now this constant connection to the internet is a Good thing in itself but it has a lot of unhealthy aspects as well. Now this article isn’t about the Mental Health or alleged Cancerous effects of Mobile use or anything, we are going to discuss your device’s and your business’s Health issues.

The internet is full people trying to push their malicious software on your devices. They have a million reasons to do so and just as much ways to do it too. If your employees never download an app that hasn’t been authenticated and stick with the basic websites, never visiting pages that can send malicious code on your device and know all about the risks of being careless on the web, you are fine. For the rest 99% of Business managers, here are a few Security Apps to protect your network and your business.


Webroot, Inc. is a USA based Cyber Security company providing services for both Home users and businesses. The company’s is “Next-generation endpoint security, network protection, cloud-based threat intelligence services, mobile security, secure web gateway and IoT cyber-security” in their own words. They actually are very well reputed among the competitors and perform the tasks they claim to perform in very efficient timings using not a lot of CPU power or memory. The Products are efficient and lightweight employing Artificial Intelligent and up to date systems.
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If you are not sick of Adware then you are either a very smart web user or you very new to the world of internet. Adware is content that are encoded in your web browser for Advertisement. AdGaurd is the perfect solution to that, it not only removes those ads from your browser or the websites you visit but it also speeds up your web browsing and page loading. But the reason why a business manager would like to have it installed on their devices is that AdGaurd acts as a Powerful Web Filter not only for ads but also for malware. And it does a pretty decent job at that apparently 18 million people have chosen AdGaurd as their web filter.


When it comes to Security kaspersky is a legend. You can go anywhere from Mac to NASA and kaspersky will have something reliable for everyone there. So, not so suprisingly, only in the Second quarter of 2015 Kaspersky Lab’s Mobile Security apps detected almost three hundered thousand threats. Kaspersky offers dozens of trustworth and efficient Mobile Security apps for bussiness depending on the size of the Bussiness and Kaspersky lab’s name is a guarantee of a better security option than most.
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Avast is one of the best and most popular cyber-security options available to bussinessses. Wheather your priorities are light and fast antivrus/firewall apps or easy to use console or rigid security that cannot be penetrated easily, AVAST is the answer. Avasts firewall service will disable the internet access of any app that behaves suspiciously and would let you deide for it. Avast provides Cloud based Antivirus solutions to Bussiness users. Avast is also offering 20% off on all bussiness based offers.
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As someone once said Employees are the weakest link in Cyber-Security. You obviously don’t want your employees to use simple passwords like 12345678 or bananaland which take about 10 seconds to break even using bruteforce methods. You also don’t want them writing their stroong passwords down on their notepads because it’s not easy to remember so many passwords. What you do need is an password manager. LastPass has the standing for a dependable password manager for mobile devices. It offers two packages for bussiness users depending on their organization’s size.
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Network Connections

This tool offered by ANTI SPY MOIBLE works as a monitor app to check everything coming in and going out of a device. It monitors and reports on all the packets inbound or outbond on a connection. This is not a standalone firewall but it definitely would help a bussiness manager or hiss IT department in supervising all the data being transferred over their network. It os only available for Android at the moment.

iShredder Enterprise

iShredder offers a unique service of erasing your data ‘safely’. iShredder unlike other data erasing applications physically deletes the data leaving it completely unrecoverable. Most of the data deletion apps free up disk space but don’t actually delle te the data and the data is vulnerable to leak iff the device goes into the wrong hands. There are thousands of data recovery apps  out there and this is the solution to them all.
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