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Fallout 76: What to expect from Bethesda’s online edition?

Just before E3 2018, Bethesda announced Fallout 76. it is the latest edition in their game series fallout, which will serve as a sequel to all past games. Players will be able to build their characters and base in an always online open-world game and interact with many other players on the same server.

Release Date

we know that game will be released on November 14. The release is same like other fallout games which were released in same time period of the year.

Fallout 76 updates and rumors

More Colorful than Fallout 4

although, game is set in a post nuclear era, it doesn’t mean that colors are dull and muddy like Fallout 4. From the early trailers for Fallout 76 , we have seen beautiful landscapes and colorful trees. The game takes place just after nuclear bombs are dropped so everything is not gone yet.

This better looking scenes are not just because developers added some more colors or trees. Bethesda’s Todd Howard says that game’s rendering engine gone through a major improvement. The lightening, rendering and landscape was the first focus of development this time.

Biggest Fallout game ever made!

The Game sets in West Virginia.

Howard says that it is the biggest fallout game ever made, In fact the Fallout 76 set is 4 times the set of Fallout 4. The world is huge, diverse and consists of six different regions which player can explore. Regions resemble the real cultures, locations and legends from that era.

Fallout 76 is an entirely online shared-world game

you won’t be the only player escaping a nuclear bunker. There will be other characters in the game too. shared world means that other real players will share the game world with you.

It was announced at E3, that Fallout 76 will be an entirely online game, but it won’t be like crowded multiplayer game. Instead it will be a multiplayer shooter game like destiny. There won’t be more than dozens people on a map.

Players will be able to helping their friends in building settlements etc.

There will be crafting

Rebuilding will be huge focus of this game. Players will be able to building settlements and move them where ever they want.

Players can fire nukes at each other

if you were wondering why the world is not a wasteland like other fallout games, you might find your answer here. There are inactive missile silos in Fallout 76. Players good enough to find launch codes for those will be able to fire nuclear missiles and destroy other settlements, NPCs or random areas on the map.

Nuking an area basically turns it into a “high level zone,” which spawns the hardest enemies in the game.

Mods and DLCs

Fallout 76 probably won’t support mods at launch. But this feature might come in future updates. In past players used mods to enhance graphics or build an entirely new game on top of a basic game.

It was revealed in “making of fallout 76” documents that players won’t have to pay for that future updates in the game. All DLC will be free and updates will be available for years to come. But still there will be some micro-transactions which will allow players to buy cosmetics and other stuff for their character in an online game store. Bethesda said that these items can be earned through in-game play.

There will be a Beta version

Bethesda said that it plans to release an early test version of the game before the game is launched in November this year. Bethesda games have reputation of bugs at their launch, which is not good for an online game. so this time Bethesda wants players to help them create a bug free game.

There are no date for Beta release yet.

Fallout 76 comes this November.


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