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Server Compromised. NOW WHAT?

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Is your server really hacked? First of all, before panicking you must make sure that it is completely clear that it was an external attack that caused the strange behavior or the abnormal entry you suspect, on your server. Confirm it’s not just a technical glitch or a human error. ...

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Best Mobile Security Apps for Businesses

Why do we need Mobile Security apps. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are everywhere. People spend thousands of hours a year on their devices looking up interesting things, managing their bank accounts, staying fit, and more often than all visiting Social media Platforms. But another aspect of these mobile devices’ use ...

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7 Simple Tricks to Multiply Your Phone Performance

There’s nothing more frustrating than your phone slowing down when you’re trying to get a job done. If you’re not the average calm and controlled fella you may end up smashing it against the wall if it hangs in the middle of something important. If it really is that bad ...

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